Saturday, 7 March 2015

Know About Public Provident Fund (PPF)

The Public Provident Fund is savings-cum-tax-saving instrument in India, introduced by the National Savings Institute of the Ministry of Finance in 1968. PPF offers an investment avenue which provides decent risk free returns coupled with income tax benefits under 80C of Income Tax Act.

A person, who is already a subscriber or about to open a PPF account, may have certain queries about the PPF account. I have tried to collate information about different scenarios and put them in a simple question answer format. Hope I'll be able to help people with their queries.

So lets view different scenarios -

  1. Who is Eligible For Opening a PPF Account?
  2. Where Can I Open a PPF Account?
  3. What is The Rate of Interest Earned on PPF?
  4. What Are The Tax Exemption Benefits of PPF?
  5. What Are The Deposit Rules For PPF?
  6. What Are The Duration And Maturity Options of PPF Account?
  7. What Are The PPF Partial Withdrawal Rules?
  8. What is The Procedure to Take Loan Against PPF Account?
  9. PPF or Life Insurance

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